The plugin is easy to translate in every language: we provide the .pot and .mo files and you can easily translate the backend in every language using the free software PoEdit (download Poediti free here).

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How to use the pot file

The pot file included in this folder is ready to use.

1. Start up Poedit.

2. In Poedit goto File -> New from POT/PO file…

3. Select and Open the pot file from the languages folder.

4. Enter your name, email address, your language and country (i.e. French fr_FR, German de_DE) to the setting form.

5. Click the Update button in the main Poedit UI.

6. Save the file like qt-maps-xx_XX.po with xx_XX for your language and country.

7. That’s it, go to your WordPress blog and see your translation in action. N’joy your blogging!!!