1. Unzip the product folder downloaded from Codecanyon on your desktop. Do not upload the entire product folder as it contains also the manual and other files.


2. Go to the WP Plugins page and click “Add New”.

3. Click the “Upload Plugin” button.


4. Click “browse” and find the unzipped plugin folder in your desktop. Choose the plugin file called


5. Click “Install Now”.

6. Click the “Activate Plugin” link.

7. In Settings->QT Places you can add Places capabilities to other existing post types.

In the example below, you can see the default “Post” and “Page” post types, plus a “Portfolio” post type which is a custom type created by the theme. You can add Places capabilities to any post type, and create a map of custom types adding to the shortcode the parameter posttype=””



8. To create new places, click “Places-> Add New” in the left column: