How to build a ghost producer marketplace with WordPress and WooCommerce

Ghost production is possibly one of the most rewarding markets for talented music producers.

If you already had some experience as producer or label owner, you’ll know for sure that channels as Beatport, Spotify or iTunes don’t provide a life-sustaining income because of the minimal royalties they provide, making ghost production the most valid business model to create a solid income for any valid producer.

Until now, creating a ghost production website was a complex and expensive job, that only a few could afford, but since the latest Kentha WordPress Theme version came out, the rules changed: you can in fact create with a little effort and budget a professional and fully working shadow producers (or ghost producers) shop in a very short time.

In this article, we will dig a bit deeper into the ghost production phenomenon, how it works, see a list of most successful examples, explore the requirements for building such a market and the tools at your disposal with the latest version of the Kentha music WordPress theme.

Short digression: what is “ghost production”

The “ghost production” market involves the sale of quality music tracks with any royalty to artists that, for lack of time, budget or other factors, will resell the same tracks under their brand or name, with little or no editing. This means that, for instance, a Dj that has many gigs and doesn’t have a week to stay closed in his studio to prepare a new track, can purchase a ghost track, eventually making some editing and mastering, and then publishing it with full royalties under his Beatport or iTunes profile, promoting the track as his own and maintain his presence in the music market without spending any effort in the real music production activity.

Believe it or not, this is what many of the most famous artists have to do nowadays, simply because the music industry became so fast and relentless that is very hard to keep up with all the gigs and publishing rhythms, which means that recurring to ghost producers is the only chance to keep on publishing and being in the charts month by month. Do you want some examples? Check this article!

But there is another big target out there, made of the many “stage” DJs with great mixing skills but no production knowledge. As industry standards, they have to be on Beatport and Spotify simply because it is nowadays a requirement for the visibility of an artist. “Stage” artists may not often possess proper studio production gear, as expensive studio monitors, analogic keyboard and mixers, computers and software, and may also be excellent DJs but lack in “music-production specific skills“, so they will most gladly spend a few hundred dollars to purchase and resell ghost-produced tracks than try to write one from zero.

This ever-expanding market is now spreading, because there are now many talented producers willing to make a living out of their studio work, and will happily sell with full royalties their productions anonymously in exchange of a good money reward. But they may not be into building websites or be very focused on music production, so they need somebody like you to build a marketplace where they can sell.

Yes, because the numbers are great. Just think that on a market like Beatport, iTunes, Spotify or any other, there are every day a few hundred new tracks published, many of which are ghost-produced, and a ghost track can have a cost starting from 200$ up to a few thousand.

If you make the math, you’ll see how easy can be to make a living out of ghost production, and how rewarding can be to have your own ghost-production website.

A few examples of ghost track shops you can browse right now

The market of ghost-produced tracks is quite fresh, despite it has always been a thing in every branch of the market. The same happens for instance with books, design, dresses or literally anything else you can mention: once you have a brand, in fact, it can be less expensive to rebrand a quality “ghost produced” item instead of creating one from scratch.
But, regarding the music market, only now this is becoming a popular topic and is your chance to surf the wave before it’s too late.

These are, for instance, a few of the best ghost producers shops out there, to take inspiration from:

01. House Of Tracks


02. Anonymous Tracks


03. Ghost Nation



04. EDM Ghost Production



05. EDM Ghost Producer



06. I am Ghost Producer


07. EDM Ghost Producing




08. Ghost Producers



09. Ghost United



Advantages for the buyer

If you are a Dj traveling the world or you simply need a high-quality production to get your name out there, a ghost track can be the fastest highway to achieve your objective, without struggling hours with Ableton or Pro Tools. You can browse thousands of existing tracks which you can purchase anonymously and resell with your name, picking the quality and sound that better fits your style. This is the perfect answer to a lack of time, tools, equipment or production skills (shhhht). This is why ghost tracks are often the favorite choice of many artists to have their name in the latest releases of any music genre like techno, house, EDM or anything else.

Advantages for the seller

If you are a great producer, invested tons of time and money into building your top quality studio, spent countless hours into studying, experimenting and testing, and have now reached a professional quality with your sound, by now you probably noticed that without a big marketing investment and the proper contacts, your name will never be on the 20ft billboards. But is not a matter of quality, because your sound is blasting, and you know it.

Then why not make a living out of your passion? It is fast and easy, you just need to upload your music and wait for the money to come, as the shop will do the promotion, and you’ll start earning real money from the incredibly big effort and investment required to build a quality production studio.

So, yeh, why not trying? If your music is good, and you don’t mind seeing written someone’s else name on it, this is the job for you!

Advantages for the shop owner

At this point, let’s say you’re in the music industry, know many artists and DJs, but you’re more of a guy who pulls the strings and wants to build a long-term project in the music market, creating a stable earning channel where you are your own manager, and you see the huge opportunity generated by these factors, then building your own ghost tracks shop is for you. Tiny investment, little or no tech knowledge required (is all available in tiny manuals and videos!) and fast rewards: why not rolling your own shop, and taking a slice of this big market opportunity?

The 3 things you need:

With less than a hundred you’ll basically have all you need, including a cool logo from Fiverr or GraphicRiver, your own website domain and hosting, and the Kentha WordPress theme (which comes with 6 months of support included in the price). You’ll most possibly also still have some few dollars left for a startup campaign on Facebook, to kickstart your project and take the brand out there.

Surprised? Yes, nowadays building a ghost production market is easier than it was just a month ago, and your biggest effort will basically go into learning how to use your website properly and contacting your producer friends that will, very possibly, be happy for the new earning opportunity you’re giving them.

What Kentha gives you

Kentha is actually the one and only all-in-one solution to create a Ghost production marketplace with an incredibly tiny investment and close-to-zero knowledge requirements. In fact, this theme integrates seamlessly the most popular free e-commerce plugin (WooCommerce) with the most advanced music WordPress theme and player from Kentha.

In particular, with the latest Kentha version (Kentha Ghost) crucial functions for a ghost production website have been added to your arsenal, and in particular:

  1. Music products: upload a demo mp3 directly to the product page, and play it in the non-stop music player
  2. Artists-tracks association: easily allow labels and artists to have their own archive of products automatically linked to the song
  3. Auto-hide preview: if somebody buys a ghost track, and you don’t want other people to know a certain track was ghost-produced, the theme will automatically disable the audio preview, leaving the product in the archive as a showcase.
  4. Flexible licensing: you can set tracks as one-time stock purchasable item, or have also royalty-free items as loops, vocals, and samples, with different licensing options and prices, as basic product attributes
  5. Custom genres taxonomy: allow users to filter the results by music style!
  6. Technical audio attributes: BPM, style, length and more
  7. Custom playlist design: display the product archive as a tracklist, overriding the default WooCommerce design and adopting a playlist-style page layout
  8. Custom track cards: tiny playable cards with price, genre and card buttons
  9. Cool shortcodes to build easily an advanced ghost tracks shop with a unique design
  10. 6 Dedicated shop home demos ready to import, dedicated to ghost track websites

With Kenta you can have any special function required to a ghost track shop with the price of a generic premium WordPress theme, avoiding super expensive agency fees for tailor-made programming.


Say no to homologation! Unicity is, along with usability, the key to the success of a business. Once you know your target, you can craft the perfect navigation experience for your visitors, making it easy and fun to browse the contents, listen to the tracks, and put them in the cart!

With Kentha, and the new Kentha Ghost version, you have, in fact, 30+ custom Page Builder shortcodes, to extract and display music product in any form or design: cards, lists, grids, sliders and much more! There is basically no limit to your creativity, and you can really craft the shop in the perfect way for your own target. The built-in demo homepages are just a starting point, which you can edit, trash, remix or recycle to create unique stunning home pages for your shop.

Any font family, any color, any background color or picture, and even background videos!

You have the flexibility to create the most unique shop people have ever seen, highlighting your top quality products, and making unlimited alternative home pages for each music genre or type of customer.

Also to mention, Kentha is the only WordPress premium theme for Ghost production music that offers a non-stop navigation experience, so the customers will be able to browse the website while navigating the website, as you do for instance in Beatport or Spotify.

Ease of use (No coding required)

The installation takes about 5 minutes and is well covered by documentation and videos. The customizability is astonishing and includes 120+ design options within fonts, colors, headers and much more. Any functionality you need to build the website, customize it and start selling, is at your fingertip without knowing a single line of code.



Before Kentha, creating a ghost production website had a cost not below a few thousand dollars, because a similar project requires months of coding and testing, representing, of course, the biggest barrier for any entrepreneur willing to run this path.

But in this ever-changing market of quick changes, flourishing artists’ communities, and always-new business opportunities, we wanted to offer this opportunity to everybody.

This is why Kentha is on such a tiny budget (under 59$!!) and is your best chance to transform all of your music experience and contacts network into a profitable and rewarding business opportunity.

As mentioned before: a cool logo, your own domain, and the Kentha theme, and you’re good to go!

Some examples

These demos are included with the Kentha WordPress theme and can be imported in a click. For more demos please visit


Buy Kentha and build now your Ghost Tracks marketplace

You can buy the new Kentha WordPress theme including the new Kentha Ghost demos and all the other 20+ demos on Themeforest