We recently launched OnAir2, the most popular WordPress theme for radio stations, and this theme is being nowadays used from both big national radios and many private smaller ones, because of its versatility and usability.

When you build a website for a radio station of course the main objective is to attract traffic, as the main incomes of a radio station channel are for sure the ads, but everybody hates ads in the music and that’s why a website can help you generating revenues with your contents, using banners, affiliations, adwords and any similar mechanism.

The OnAir2 theme also comes with 2 built-in basic tools for banner management and sponsors carousels, which helps you offering paid visibility on your website to all your portential target of sustainers.

But of course to have a valuable product to offer, you need to generate traffic. For this reason, every tiny little piece of the theme is created to maximize performance and make your life easy when it comes to rank on the search engines. OnAirs is super fast and very SEO-optimized. It works perfectly in conjunction with plugins as All In One SEO and its ajax loading software, which allows to play music while navigating the website, is made in such way that Google will keep on indesking all your contents smoothly.

Anyway, if you aim at generating a good amount of traffic, contents are the key, and a good amount of backlinks are a must. A deep website optimization is always suggested but usually it requires a deep knowledge that not many people have, and for this reason, if you want to go professional with your project, is highly recommended to hire a WordPress SEO professional for this job.

What does a SEO professional do?

First of all check the on-page optimization: it means applying a lot of tiny code/software tweaks that will make your site look better in the eyes of Google, gaining a better ranking for your keywords. Then, a professional will help you with a good keyword analysis, which is mant to find the best keywords for your niche, and this will help you appear in the researches of all you potential listeners and readers. After this, a SEO professional will also help yu with the backlink network: this means that you will be able to find the best opportunities to increase the amount of links to your website, which is fundamental to raise on the search engine result pages.

In last instance, all the work will be provided with a good results tracking, made with Google Analytics, that will show you the amount of visitors, their behavior, and the sources of traffic.

WordPress is the perfect tool, together with OnAir2, to create a professional radio station website, but remember that going professional requires as well a good amoung of optimization that needs to be crafted on your specific needs, and you can hire an expert professioal in order to reach a better visibility for your website, increasing your visitors and building a value that becomes a good card to play with your investors, to monetize your radio station in an effective way.