How to find new gigs for your dj or musician career? To get booked, you need to stand out, and is not simple. For this reason, there are 5 key activities which every professional musician has to do and keep doing in order to gather new contacts, please the fans and get in touch with promoters and club owners .

1.  Create new music

Probably the most important activity: always keep on creating your art. In case you are a producer or musician, post often new tracks, and if you are a dj, keep on posting regularly new music. Is very important to keep your followers engaged and show off the evolutions of your style.

2.  Invest in yourself

Invest in your public image, hire a designer and create your own logo and business cards, use Facebook ads to promote your tracks and posts, and buy the technical gear that can improve your performance. Yes, it needs money, but makes the difference between being another amateur and becoming a professional.

3.  Promote your music

Promoting your music is not only about buying advertisement. And avoid bothering strangers in chat. Promoting your music must be a 360 degrees activity which you make when you talk with friends, when you go to the club, when you meet other djs. Always keep with you cds or usb keys with your promos, and post often the results of your work on the social networks. Be sure you have a functional website and keep it updated with your music: people will love it!

4.  Be professional

The music business is stiffed with inconsistent people: agents, promoters and artists who have a big mouth during the parties and con’t work as expected in the daytime. To be professional, you need to act differently and keep your promises, answer all the messages, respect a schedule for delivering tracks, arrive on time at the venues to play. If you want to be treated as a professional, act as a professional.

5.  Support other artists

Even big djs and artists needs support. Support is everything that makes other people more famous, or proud of their work, or simply happy.
Support always other artists bigger or smaller than you, not to expect their support back, but because by doing so you contribute supporting your music style in general, help the growth of a movement, and create good vibes, know new people, grow your influence, become active part in the scene.

How can you support other artists?

  • Like/share
  • Good comments
  • Offer a drink at the club
  • Attend at their events
  • Play their tracks
  • Anything else that comes to your mind!