“Hey bro check out my new promo!”… How many times did you read or write this sentence on Facebook? Yes… this annoys people, specially if you talk with artists which already have a solid fan base…

…Because they receive thousands of messages like this, and is not going to work.
If you want to promote your music without annoying people, start from your objectives:

  1. Let people hear and share
  2. Increase sales
  3. Get your music played by other artists
  4. Create a positive impression about you (because contacts are important)

So, if you want to achieve these goals but people keep on ignoring your messages and posts, we are going now to discover 5 new techniques that will make the difference.

1: The world is not about you

People may have very different tastes from yours, and even if your latest track is a piece of art, it may not fit the preferences of many other djs or musicians.
For this reason, instead of spamming to a billion contacts your link, act in a different way: check out the latest releases of the people you may contact, check their live act or dj set, and already start to select the ones which may most possibly play your music or be pleased listening.

Avoid spamming your hard techno to house djs, is useless and they’ll block you straight away. Somewhere out there there is a dj who is looking exactly for your track, and if you look good, he will be very happy to receive your promos.
So the suggestion is: send your promos only to a targeted audience: you’ll avoid bothering other people and you’ll make other people very happy.
Stop wondering that everybody likes your sound, it simply won’t never happen.

2. Maximize your communication

Avoid private messages and start creating your contact base NOW!
Sending private messages or tweets for every track you make is like reinventing the wheel every time, with always less impact.
Instead of doing that, and after the first selection of the people you might contact, go for a more effective communication model.

There are different options, these are the 2 most simple:

  • Build a mailing list: with mailchimp for example is free til 2000 subscribers, and very simple. Ask to the people if you can add their contact to the mailing list, and they’ll be happy to receive a nice and tidy promo email instead of the same old facebook spam.
    How to do that? For example you can use a newsletter subscription page in your website! If is in WordPress, will be very easy and effective!
  • Make a promo group: Create a private group on Facebook and ask to the people to join to receive your promos, in this way your new contents will be notified automatically to all the subscribers, and they can manage their connection with you in the best way! Your download links will be available only for selected people, and you can post at every time of night and day!

3. Stop talking with “Anybody”, start talking with “Somebody”

Remember you are talking with real people, not with credit cards who buys your stuff, for this reason you need to take care of your relationships and before sending something to a contact, again, tell him why you are sending him that content.

For example, if you need to ask a dj his email contact, avoid a generic formula like:

Hey man can you give me your email?

And go instead for something more realistic, like:

Hello (Name) your latest set which you published yesterday on Soundcloud was very nice and very close to my style, I think you can appreciate my new tracks, may I please send you an email so you can check? I’d like to have your opinion!

What’s next?

Be creative, be interactive, always cure your style and design, have a strong brandization, but most of all, work to build something that will last in your hands through the years! Remember that is very important to appear professional and you don’t need to wait for big gigs before acting like a pro: start now working on a logo, on your fanpages, and building a solid music website. When people will follow you, anyone of your channels needs to be in line with your style and design!

Don’t focus only on charts and sales, focus on friends and collaborators, because the world is made of people, not made of computers, and to grow your music business the contacts are the most important resource that you will ever have. So avoid at all costs bothering friends and strangers, and go for a more human and sensible approach with your audience: in the long run, this is what will bring you the beef!